Efficient Herb: The Benefits of Essiac Tea

For thousands of years, tea has gained renown from all over the world as a key to good health, happiness, and wisdom, especially in the East. Meanwhile in the West tea has gained further traction because of the studies which try to further seek the benefits of tea in curing other ailments of the human body. Among the many strains and variants of different tea from all over the world; benefits of essiac tea has been praised to be a tea which has high and numerous uses for health benefits of those who consume the said leaves.

Essiac tea widely considered as an alternative health drink has been drawing attention from different institutions as the years roll on. Essiac tea is comprised of different herbs, among these are; burdock, rhubarb, elm bark and many other herbs. It has its roots in the indigenous tribes of North America which were the original inhabitants of that vast continent.

The benefit of essiac tea includes the following:

  • A rich iron supplement
    • One of the most common benefits of consuming essiac tea is that it is a great source of iron which the body uses to form red blood cells.
  • Blood Pressure Regulation
    • Essiac tea helps in lowering blood pressure and regulating the heartbeat of a person.
  • Liver Health
    • Detoxifying the liver is one of the major benefits of consuming essiac tea. The tea supports liver function, enzymes and boosting the immune system.
  • Energy Boost
    • Although the tea is not caffeinated, an energy boost is received due to the tea, increasing the levels of Vitamin C and B elements
  • Helps Digest Food
    • Through the ingestion of essiac tea, the digestive system is enhanced by bringing out the right pH levels within the body. It stimulates the stomach to produce the right enzymes.

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